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My Story AKA My Crazy Journey!

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.

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I began searching for something I could do alongside our family and activities that would allow me to use my college degree in Journalism/Public Relations while also keeping the flexibility and freedom I loved.  But, it seemed that everywhere I looked, the doors closed. As an at-home Mom of 4 children (who were 1, 3, 6, and 7 at the time!), I had forgotten I knew how to do anything more than cook and clean.  My confidence was lagging, and I was truly yearning for something MORE.  I knew there was a greater life in store for me, but I didn't know where I would find it or even where to begin.


About that time...


A woman at church suggested I listen to the facts about direct sales, and I politely tried to blow her off, reminding her that I have a college degree and could get a "real job" if I wanted one. She understood but asked if I would just listen so I would know what I was saying "no" to. That seemed reasonable, so I indulged her a few minutes and a cup of coffee, fully intending to say "no." The crazy thing is that I liked what the company stands for and, although I couldn't really imagine it could be a 'real business,' I could get excited about earning extra cash with a side gig.

So, on a bit of a whim, I said 'yes', and haven't looked back! I started my direct sales business like so many others, NERVOUS yet EXCITED! 


Being a part of a direct sales company has allowed me all the flexibility and freedom I wanted, all while earning a corporate income, earning the use of free career cars, and enjoying trips and beautiful jewelry, all compliments of the company.  It has been a dream come true for my family and me.  Problem was, originally, I didn't know a thing about running a business!

And then I found a coach......

Thankfully, I found a coach and mentor who would ultimately teach me everything I needed to know!  And I discovered that anyone who is teachable and coachable can also learn the simple steps to be successful.  


I had just read a book that year titled, Rich Dad, Poor Dad and it changed my thinking. I wanted a bigger life than the life I had, and the book's author says the world's most successful people become wealthy one of three ways:


Owning a home based business.

Owning a small business.

Owning real estate.  


Wealthy folks DO NOT work a 9-5 for others to make others' businesses rich.  They work for themselves!  (And don't get me wrong, I know being wealthy doesn't buy happiness, but having extra money gives you choices and with choices comes the freedom to impact the lives of your family and the world around you. And that brings joy!)


So I followed the advice of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book and decided to take a chance.  Buying real estate or opening my own business was out of the question because of the capital needed, but I could afford to open a home based business!  I joined nervous, scared, short on time and knowing a few people.  But, I joined with a dream.  A dream that I could change my life and ultimately impact the lives of others.  

Consider working your own business full-time...


I was also impressed by the number of professionals who had quit their full-time careers to pursue their side gigs full-time.  Many explained that they found working for themselves to be the best Plan B available, and in today's tumultuous economy, everyone needs a viable Plan B!

My own business has been a blessing in my life in so many ways.  I've met so many wonderful friends, that I never would have crossed paths with had it not been for business.  I have become a more confident person, a more positive thinker and I've learned how to successfully manage and run my own business.  It has been better than any self-improvement, entrepreneurship or leadership course I could have ever taken in college.


Today, I don't have a BOSS!  I set my own hours and work my business around my life.  I wake up when I want, I go on vacations when I want, and I spend time with my husband, children and others I love.  Don't get me wrong, I still work hard, but it's on my own terms. I feel blessed to be able to share with others that YOU TRULY CAN HAVE IT ALL: You can live the lifestyle you want and run your own lucrative business. 


Maybe you are reading this and thinking that you want to help others, learn how to be a laptop/WIFI entrepreneur, make more friends or overcome your shyness.  Or maybe you need to make an extra $200 a week.  Perhaps you have a desire to make millions so you can give back to others. Developing your own side business can be the answer.


And then there was a "wrinkle" in time.....

Have you ever had a "wrinkle" in time?  I have, and my life and my journey haven't always been easy. My life today is a result of determination.   A few years ago, after our 10th household move as a family (my 3rd since starting my business), a car accident wrecked our car and my body. That set off a series of losses-- both personal and professional -- and I found myself struggling from the pit of depression.  Except for my immediate family, no one really new what I was going through, and I hid it all as best as I could. But it was the love and support of incredible mentors that helped me heal and get back back on track in life. I am so thankful that my family, consultants, customers. mentors and business gave me a reason to continue to get out of bed each day and work to get healthy again.  


I am extremely motivated by the thought that my hard work and story can encourage and benefit others.  In addition, I am so passionate about teaching people from all walks of life to live their best lives NOW, because it was a skin care consultant who helped me make some important changes in my life.


Truly, it doesn't matter where you start in this wonderful life, it matters where you finish. Life is not a dress rehearsal.  You have one shot to live your dream life. What are you waiting for?  Let your story be your motivation for a better life, not your excuse.


What's your dream?  I can't wait to hear from you!  

- Elisa      

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