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Before I got into the business world, I was super-plain looking and didn't have a lot of confidence.  Sure, I thought I was doing a good job as a wife and mother, but I didn't feel I measured up to many of the women around me.  In fact, I kind of made a joke out of it, saying that I was super-low-maintenance (and I wore that title proudly.) 


Fact is, though, I didn't work on myself or engage in much self-care because I didn't feel I was worth it or the expense involved.  I admired my "high-maintenance" friends from afar but never asked them how they pulled themselves together and were so confident in all they did, even though I secretly wanted to be like them.


It wasn't until I started my business in the skin care industry that I realized I needed to make some changes! And FAST!

I gathered from my coach and others around me that I needed to care enough about myself and incorporate some self-care into my routines before I could truly help others do the same. (Kind of like they tell you in the airplane safety briefing: You must put the oxygen mask on your own face before trying to assist others.) How would I ever help others recognize their value if I didn't recognize and honor my own sense of worth?

It all started with a lipstick!

That's right!  I used to wear very light colored lipstick or gloss that didn't attract much attention.  I did it on purpose because I felt I shouldn't attract attention -- ever.  I felt that attention was reserved for my fun friends, husband and children. So, one of the first things my coach suggested was that I apply a color that I thought was DARING.

WOW!  I couldn't believe it, but that lipstick made a huge difference in how I felt about myself!!  Not only did I look daring, but I felt INCREDIBLY DARING!  And one change lead to another and another, and that feeling lead me to start seeing that little changes we make can make big changes in our LIVES! I had re-created myself, and I like me!

All of that to say....

When you change your look, you set off a chain reaction that leads to changing things in your career and in your life!

Let's explore ways to transform you into the confident,

fabulous creature you are intended to be!

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