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I Can't Sell.....


I KNOW, I KNOW. I hear this a lot....I SAID THE SAME THING.   "I'm really glad you're doing so well with Mary Kay, but I could never do it -- I'm not a salesperson."  
1. You shared a Coke can with your name on it that caused everyone to look for a Coke with their name on it. 
-SOLD- ✔
2. You posted a picture of a delicious meal item from a restaurant that caused all of your friends to go try it for themselves. 
3. You shared the latest book that you read that caused all of your friends to download it or rush to Barnes and Noble. 
4. You went to see a movie and loved it so much you shared it with your friends and that caused them to take their entire family to see it. 
5. You received a great deal at a local store...a cheap discount. You couldn't wait to share it with your friends so they too could take advantage of the savings. 
The only difference is...
You didn't get paid for those referrals‼
Coca cola did. 💰
The restaurant did. 💰
Barnes and Noble did. 💰
The movie theater did. 💰
The local store did. 💰
How about sharing an amazing product you will love that is changing lives around the globe, making women feel and look beautiful inside and out?
"Not a salesperson?" I said the same thing. 
Let that sink in and then let's have coffee (on me) and we'll discuss Mary Kay.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

June 19, 2015

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June 19, 2015

Okay.  It’s officially Summer.  It’s a million degrees outside.  Kids are out of school (when do they go back again?)  The beaches are packed, and I wonder why I live on the beach if I can’t even get TO the beach during the summer months.  Time flies so quickly. It see...

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